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City  delhi
Location:   Koregaon Park
Date:    11 November 2010


Course fee : 3000
Course duration : 5 days 2 live market session
Course timing : weekdays-10-12/12-2/ 4-6 / 6-8
weekends- 10-12/12-2/4-6/6-8
Course will be held ONE TO ONE basis
Contact to register : 9545760623
For other course details :

Basic technical analysis training program is designed for the people who are interested to trade in the market as per technical analysis. So for them this course is the first step to enter in technical analysis era. After completion of this course students will be able to track any kind of market(stock/commodity/forex/global) technically. Good entry-exit point with different timeframes (short term/long term) could be analyzed by technical analysis. FIVE days of theoretical session( 2 hours/day ) and 2 day of live market session will be held for the course so that students can have practical market experience.

Course topics:

1.Basics of technical analysis

2. Candlestick formations and diiferent candlestick patterns

4.trendlines and trend channels

5.combining trendlines with candlesticks

6.Reversal Patterns 1:

Head and shoulders / basing formation / broadening formation / others…

7. Reversal Patterns 2:

Ascending triangles / Descending triangles / Symmetrical triangles/others….

8.Continution Pattrens 1:

Flags / Pennants / Wedges / others…..

9. Continution Patterns 2:

Ascending and Descending triangles and head and shoulders as consolidation patterns / others….

10.Pivot levels and implementation pivot levels in technical analysis.

11.Different bands indicator analysis

12. Directional Movements indicator analysis

13.Market breadth indicator analysis

14.Volatality indicator analysis

15.Overbought / Oversold indicator analysis

16.Volume indicator analysis

17.Divergence indicator analysis

18.Breakout/Breakdown tracking analysis

19.Trial and Error Technique analysis

20.Long term indicator analysis

21.Short term indicator analysis

22.Intraday indicator analysis

23. Money Management

24. Putting it all together-sector and stock selection.

*** All the topics will be on practical chart basis. Further advanced level courses are also available in centre. For further enquiry pls visit centre or check our website.

ADD : Gera Garden Condominium,off 407,beside saint mira’s college,koregaon road,pune .

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